The Patanjali Yoga Sutras demystified is a course with equal Importance given to the conceptual framework of Samkhya-Yoga Darsanas and its practical aspects in form of chanting of sutras, asanas, pranayama, meditation. Lectures have been designed and delivered in such an effective manner so as to enable the participant to visualise the full meaning of Yoga Sutras. The daily question answer sessions covered many aspects of Indian Philosophies also. Truly a must to become enlightened and illumined about the most relevant and important Yoga Philosophy of Patanjali. 

Madhav Puranik
The Patanjali Yoga Sutras workshop has been an incredible experience to say the least. I thought I knew a little bit about yoga philosophy, but have been humbled to find out how much I have still to learn.  Dr Rao’s incredible depth of knowledge about not only the sutras, but yoga and vedic philosophy in general is remarkable.
I have read the sutras and various commentaries on it over the past few years, but have never had it explained so concisely and clearly and in such a way as to be able to apply the sutra learnings into not only my yoga practice, but also everyday life. Beyond that, I found Dr Rao inspirational to listen to and his messages were very close to my heart.  Needless to say, as a yoga teacher and yoga student, I walk away inspired to become a better teacher, deepen my practice and a better human being.
Thank you Dr Rao for a wonderful and fulfilling experience.
Greg Harper

It was very insightful authentic and original interpretation of the Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. Dr. Ganesh Rao demystified the intricacies of the Sutras and made it very crystal clear with his profound practical examples, interleaving with serene stories from Budha Zen J Krishnamurthi and others. It was breath-taking trek to pinnacles eastern wisdom. The Sutras were scientifically decoded with absolute logic and order. The effulgence of Sutras was experienced every moment in the class. I have never found such a rich knowledge sharing platform on Yoga Sutras, in a short period of six days. The practice sessions of ‘Classical Yoga’, Yoga Nidra and chanting of Sutras, were also superb. Stay at Kaivalyadham surrounded by beautiful greenery and serene water body was delightful. My gratitude to Dr Ganesh Rao and his team for the wonderful workshop.

Dr. P B Rshikesan

Patanjali Yoga Sutras discourse with Dr. Ganesh Rao is an elite experience like knowledge converting into wisdom instantaneously. Answers examplified during these five days must be life transforming process for many of us. I personally feel that Dr. Rao’s expertise and endeavour of presenting yoga in the light of Indian Philosophy with psychological and intellectual aspects has made this workshop memorable. The principles of PYS applied during the yoga sessions has made this complicated text simple, authenticated and doable. In lucid language he was able to impart philosophy and practical aspects of yoga to all the students.

Jatinder Kaur