1. A Matter of Perspective (An Account of a Strange Outsider)
  2. ‘Zen’ith of Football.
  3. ‘Meditation in Yoga’ in the book, “Meditation, Oriental and Occidental”
  4. Essence of Yoga (Co-editor)


Several articles on Philosophy, Yoga and Football in Newspapers and Magazines

CD (audio)

Yoga Nidra and Pancha Kosha Dharana …. (1h 10m)


  1. Patanjali Yoga Sutras for Online Course of Kaivalyadhama.
  2. Samkhya Philosophy based on Sankhya Karika

Some Important Papers Published

  1. “Awareness, the Alpha and Omega of Yoga” (Yoga Update 2006)
  2. “Health and Happiness through Awareness: the Yoga Perspective”  (World Congress of International Vegetarian Union)
  3. “Yoga Simplifies J. Krishnamurti”  (Vth International Yoga Conference, Kaivalyadhama)
  4. “Spiritual Aesthetics of Yoga”  – National Seminar on ‘Philosophy and Aesthetics’ conducted by K.J.Somaiya Centre for Buddhist Studies and Centre for South & South East Asian Studies, and Dept. of Philosophy, Mumbai University)
  5. “Secrets of Samadhi”  (VIth International Yoga Conference, Kaivalyadhama)
  6. “Yogic Therapy in Patanjali Yoga Sutras” (Yoga Update 2011)
  7. “Meditation: Hindu Perspective (with special reference to Patanjala Yogasutras)”
  8. “Yoga for Holistic Well-being of Youth” (VIIth International Yoga Conference, Kaivalyadhama)
  9. Patanjali’s Ashtanga Yoga and Human Life – An Overview (Directory of Yoga Organizations of Mumbai & Greater Mumbai)
  10. “Role of Consciousness in Yoga Psychology” (National Symposium on “Mind, Matter and Consciousness” in Kaivalyadhama, Lonavla)